Posted by: mvlynch3 | February 10, 2008

heart favor boxes

dscn0543.jpgShelli Gardner taught us how to make these at the Anaheim SU regionals. 

Take an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of c/s  this will make three boxes.  cut yourself a guide out of cardboard or something stiff that is 1″x 2″.  Score the red c/s  short end at 1″ , take your guide, line up with the scored line and edge of paper, long end up and mark the top and the side.  Using your stamp a ma jig line up heart from ALWAYS stamp set so it butts up agains the line you made.  Use your guide again and make another line on the top and side, stamp your heart again, then the guide, so it goes, guide marks, heart, guide marks, heart, guide mark.  You will have over an 1″ left at the side.  Cut out.  Score at the guide marks at edges of heart.  Cut the bottom score marks to the 1″ score line and you can cut one corner off.  Using double sided  tape tape side and bottom.   You should have the main box now.  She embossed hearts with white e/p, cut them out and put them on the front with dimensionals.  She then took the scallop punch and added glitter to the top and glued to the inside front above the heart.  THen she took ribbon and after punching the 2 hole punch on the back of the box,  she thread the ribbon through, then put the ribbon through a bead so it can be hung up.  i hope this all makes sense.  If not, leave a message.  Thanks for looking!  Good luck!



  1. hey, I LOVE these little boxes but am such a visual person that I can’t really a follow your directions. I know, DUH. Do you have a drawing you could email me? If not, I understand!! Thanks!

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